You should understand from the start that the Three Peaks Challenge is a strenuous undertaking that involves around 10,000 feet of climbing and 25 miles of walking in 24 hours, with little opportunity for recovery between peaks.

This means that you’ll need to be adequately prepared, both physically and mentally. This is not the kind of event that you can attempt without any training (although some have tried – and failed!)

We believe that 60% of the strength required to complete the Three Peaks Challenge is mental.

Whilst here is no sure way of training yourself mentally for this challenge, knowing that you are physically fit and that you have the right equipment will make it easier for you to gain the mental strength and determination that you will need.

It’s vital that you ensure that both you and your team have the fitness and endurance to complete the challenge as safely and comfortably as possible.

We’ve teamed up with an elite athlete coach from Loughbrough University to produce a specific training plan to help you achieve your training goals for a successful Three Peaks Challenge. If you sign-up to one of our organised events you’ll receive one as part of the package, but if you’re organising your own Three peaks you can purchase one in our shop.

Three Peaks Challenge Fitness Plan – buy yours now!

We devised this plan because in the past we had found that many participants were “gym fit” but not “mountain fit”! Mountain walking uses some very specific muscles which may not normally be used. Long breaks between the mountains, combined with around 10,000 feet of ascent and descent carrying a rucksack takes it’s toll on the joints and muscles. We believe that our training plan will give you the best chance of a successful, injury-free Challenge.

In addition, we would encourage you to organise some training walks in the mountains as a team. This will not only give you an idea of the physical challenge ahead, but also allow you to assess one another’s strengths and weaknesses, test your kit, break in your boots and improve your overall navigation and teamwork.

Three Peaks Challenge Fitness Plan – buy yours now!

Buy a fitness plan now and if you later sign-up to one of our events we’ll refund the cost!