Why would you need to hire a Mountain Leader (ML) to guide you on your Three Peaks Challenge? You learned to map read in the Scouts and although you haven’t used a compass for a few years one of your teammates says he can navigate and one of the others has an app on his phone. sorted, right?

Ben Nevis

Approaching Ben Nevis summit

Wrong! You’d be amazed by the amount of people we find wandering around in the dark at Hollow Stones on Scafell Pike. The usual explanations are “we were following the team in front but turns out they were lost too”, or “the battery ran out on my smartphone on the way down from the summit”.  Sometimes it just turns out that they weren’t as good at map reading as they thought.  When you factor in the potential for mist, wind and rain it’s a recipe for disaster even in daylight.

What we can offer is a professional Mountain Leader to guide you who knows the mountain like the back of their hand and has undertaken the Three Peaks numerous times before.

What makes us different?

Well for starters many companies will provide just one guide who will complete the entire challenge with you. This means that they may not be as familiar with the mountain as a local guide and they won’t be as fresh as they could be, which can lead to mistakes being made.

In addition, you’ll probably be expected to make space in your transport and feed their guide, plus pay a supplement to cover their travelling expenses for the journey home. This just doesn’t seem fair to us!

We provide a separate guide for each mountain, who will meet you at the base, brief you and guide you to the summit and back down. Because we use local guides they know the area intimately and because they’re only climbing one mountain, will be as fresh as a daisy when you arrive! Plus we provide you with a detailed documentation which tells you exactly when and where to meet your guide, along with their mobile phone numbers and an emergency contact number.

Our guides are at the top of their game; if they weren’t they’d be working for someone else!

As everyone’s requirements differ we encourage you to contact us to talk through your plans so we can provide the best possible solution to your needs.  Contact us today and let us be part of your Three Peaks team!

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